For homeowners (homesteaded or not), investors with SFH’s, commercial properties, and multi-unit rentals…


“For A Change, Isn’t It About Time You Turned The Tables On The Property Tax Assessor And Got Money Back?....


…Well, a consumer advocate group,

Homeowners United, Inc. says “YES!”

Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes but the current Property Tax System isn’t designed to appraise each and every property.  In fact, the “Mathematical Modeling System” they use unfairly overvalues

A HUGE number of properties in our tri-county area! 

Now is the time to let the Property Tax Assessor help you by re-evaluating your property taxes and send you a check for a change!  You have the power to challenge your taxes and LEGALLY get money back – so why don’t you?


STOP overpaying and not knowing what to do about it!  Take action now to get the refund you are legally entitled to and DESERVE! 


WARNING - The Tax System is not an easy “egg to crack”.  For example, you only have a 15 day period in which to file your challenge otherwise you CAN NOT file a challenge for another year!  Please act immediately to get your FREE E-book that explains “everything you need to know” about getting your refund.



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